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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

You can't ignore the meteoric rise of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest online. These online destinations have massive traffic and views. You cannot afford to ignore the social media networks. They are a crucial component to your online marketing mix.

Setting Up Social Media Profiles

Image search engine bots from Google, Yahoo and Bing will crawl your site looking for any photos, graphics and other images hosted. Here are some image SEO steps:

  1. Setup up accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest.

  2. Setup a separate Facebook Page for your business (Profiles are personal).

  3. Pimp your profiles by adding logos, photos, videos and content wherever allowed.

  4. Obtain links to your profile pages as they can rank highly for certain keywords.

  5. Cross-link between your website and social media profile pages.

  6. Customize your Facebook page to look like a real website.